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We use the same methods as major record labels (yes, we work with all of them) to expose your music to potential fans across the world.

Our services include playlist pitching, music video advertising, Instagram blog post campaigns, social media influencer marketing, and more.


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Spotify Playlist PitchingOrganic Spotify Playlist Pitching - Organic Music Marketing
Organic Spotify Playlist Pitching Sale priceFrom $149.99
Organic YouTube Ad Promotion - Organic Music MarketingOrganic YouTube Ad Promotion - Organic Music Marketing
Organic YouTube Ad Promotion Sale priceFrom $149.97
Soundcloud PromotionOrganic Soundcloud Campaign - Organic Music
Organic Soundcloud Promotion Sale priceFrom $99.99
YouTube Playlist PromotionOrganic YouTube Playlist Promotion - Organic Music
Organic YouTube Playlist Promotion Sale priceFrom $299.99
Editorial Playlist PitchingEditorial Playlist Pitching Campaign - Organic Music Marketing
Instagram Reels Promotion
Instagram Reels Music Campaign Sale priceFrom $199.99
Music Promo PackageSpotify and YouTube Packages - Organic Music Marketing
Spotify and YouTube Packages Sale priceFrom $325.00
Consultation with CEO Cody Patrick - Organic Music MarketingConsultation with CEO Cody Patrick A&R
Consultation with CEO Cody Patrick Sale priceFrom $500.00
Organic Music Marketing Services Gift Card - Organic Music Marketing
Guaranteed Music Blog PlacementsGuaranteed Blog Post Campaign - Organic Music
Organic TikTok Influencer CampaignOrganic TikTok Campaign - Organic Music
Organic TikTok Influencer Campaign Sale priceFrom $349.99
TikTok Ad CampaignsTikTok Ad Campaigns - Organic Music
TikTok Ad Campaigns Sale priceFrom $399.99
Instagram Rap Page PromotionInstagram Page Campaign - Organic Music
Instagram Music Page Post Campaign Sale priceFrom $1,999.99
Music Industry Contact List
Music PR Campaign
Electronic Press Kit Design
EPK (Electronic Press Kit) Sale price$200.00
Music Press Release
Artist Press Release Sale price$250.00
Professional Artist Bio
Professional Artist Bio Sale price$115.00
Consultation with Vanessa Sheldon - Organic Music
Consultation with Vanessa Sheldon Sale priceFrom $150.00
Booking / Touring Contact List