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If you are looking for a professional, well-written and attention attracting biography for yourself as an artist, band, or public figure, you've come to the right place. (Example below). It is important to have a professionally written bio to use for your PR efforts, EPK distribution/design, servicing of music, and for new fans to learn about who you really are as an artist. Make sure your bio truly explains your story and gives the proper first impression when somebody reads it by purchasing an industry-standard bio from us today. Turn around time for a bio is 7-14 days and will be around 250 words.

After making your purchase, please send the following information to 

You will receive an email shortly after you purchase this to answer the following questions. Please answer all of the questions with as much detail as possible. The better your answers are, the better your bio will end up!
1)Where you were born
2)Where you grew up
3)Your musical influences
4)Your inspiration
5)Your Discography
6)What your hopes and dreams are
7) What you are trying to achieve or make people feel with your current /upcoming project
8) Major Career Highlights
9) And any other information integral to your unique story
10) Music Links
11) Real name and artist name

See an example of one of our bios here: