TikTok Ad Campaigns

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Sale price$399.99
Size: Tier 1 - $399.99

Get exposure on TikTok's For You Page with targeted ads that are placed directly in front of you desired audience.

Influencer marketing campaigns can be hit or miss, but with TikTok ads, you can get directly in front of your desired audience, helping you to build your audience and grow your fanbase.

Please provide content in the form. You can add up to 3 different creative assets. Keep in mind that these will be full page vertical ads, so make sure that your content is 1080x1920px. If you do not send in these dimensions, we will crop and zoom on your ad which may limit its effectiveness.

Tier 1 - $399.99

30 Day Ad Campaign

Expected Impressions: 100,000 -150,000+ 

Tier 2 - $549.99

30 Day Ad Campaign

Expected Impressions: 200,000 - 300,000+

Tier 3 - $849.99

30 Day Ad Campaign

Expected Impressions: 500,000 - 800,000+

Tier 4 - $1499.99

30 Day Ad Campaign

Expected Impressions: 800,000 - 1M+

Please ask if you have any questions! If you would like to order a larger campaign, fill out the contact form and please let us know the budget and the content you want to promote.