Why Shazam Matters For Artists

Why Shazam Matters For Artists - Organic Music Marketing

For artists in the music industry, Shazam can seem like a magical superpower. It's one of the most downloaded apps worldwide, after all. From driving brand awareness and discovering new opportunities to helping you learn more about your fans, this app can be a powerful tool for any artist looking to expand their reach and grow their popularity.

At its core, Shazam is all about providing people with access to music and helping them discover new sounds. For artists, this means that the app helps get your music heard by the masses. Shazam has a unique promotional power behind its technology: once a fan discovers a new track, the associated artist's Shazam page is the first thing they see. The artist has an opportunity to leverage this 'first look', pushing their fans in whatever direction best fits their marketing plan at the time. 


How To Submit Your Tracks

Getting your music onto Shazam is the first step to building an engaged fanbase. In order to do this, you need to be associated with a distributor. Click here to read our blog post about what distribution is, to begin with. If you're a bit farther along in your understanding, check out our list of top music distribution companies here.

Once your distributor delivers your discography to Shazam, along with a profile image, a Shazam artist profile will be created. 


Analytics & Shazam Verification

Shazam can be a great way to see where your music is being discovered and shared. With the app’s analytics, you can track which of your songs are most popular, and find out where they are being played. This information gives you valuable insights into trends so you can tailor your releases to what fans want more of. You can also use this info to help your strategy for booking shows. 

In order to be verified, it really helps if you're already verified on another social media platform. For specifics, see below: 

Shazam Matter

Once you're verified, you can use Shazam Connect to interact with your fans and gain valuable insights into your audience.


Seeing Stats

In order to get detailed stats, you'll have to sign up for Apple Music for Artists. (Apple owns Shazam.) The wealth of info you receive will help you see what markets are engaging with your music the most, which songs to push, and what audiences to focus your ad spend on.  In an announcement, Apple wrote,

“Shazam now makes it easy for fans to view your upcoming concerts and purchase tickets. By pairing your concert information and ticket links with Shazam, you can make sure your fans never miss a show. To leverage this feature, artists create a profile on the Bandsintown social promotion app, upload concert dates, and Shazam will do the rest. By Shazaming a song, fans can find your concert information and tickets for sale near their locations."

As you can see, you're missing out if you're not working on a strategy that incorporated Shazam into your marketing. 


Royalty Collection

Shazam can also be very helpful for artists when it comes to royalties. The app’s “Music Rights Manager” feature allows you to link your songs directly to streaming services, making sure that all the money due is being collected accurately and on time. This means no more worrying about not getting paid what you’re owed!

As you can see, Shazam is an essential tool for any artist looking to make their mark in the music industry. Whether it’s helping you spread your music worldwide or route your tours, this app packs a powerful punch and should be making up part of your arsenal of tools. So don’t forget to Shazam your way to success!



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