Music Pitch Email Templates That Work

Music Pitch Email Templates

Are you a recording artist looking to devote some time to sending one million emails out in hopes of finding your next big opportunity? That number is a stretch obviously, but doing this sort of outreach is very important when you're a newer artist who is looking to make high-level contacts.

Crafting the perfect music pitch email is a difficult art, especially if you’re not sure what to include or how to structure the message. However, if you're willing to put the time and the work in, the right music pitch just might land you that coveted promotion opportunity.

Introducing Yourself

When crafting your pitch, it’s important to start off by introducing yourself and explaining what type of music you create. Provide some background information about your band or project so the recipient has an idea of who they’re dealing with. If possible, provide them with tangible evidence that show your music is gaining traction and that you’re serious about your music career. This helps to build trust and legitimacy to your pitch.

Don't forget to let your personality shine through in the process! Authenticity is important in your writing in order to make a genuine connection.

Be Thoughtful 

Don't forget that most of the professionals you are dealing with are extremely busy and have limited attention to give to your message. You want to make sure to grab their attention, display your professionalism and personality, and deliver them something tangible to be interested in.

Do your research beforehand in order to figure out the correct point person at the label/company you're reaching out to. Blind emailing a generic email address never works very well.

Now that we've covered the basics, here are some shortcuts to help you finish up your email. Presenting... five music pitch templates that work!

Email Template Styles

The 'Longtime Fan' Template

The “Longtime Fan” template is perfect for music fans who want to reach out to their favorite artist or music producer. Start off by telling them how long you’ve been a fan and what music has meant to you. The goal here is to show that your message isn’t just another generic email, but a genuine appreciation for the music. Even if you feel shy, compliments do go a long way! 

The 'We Were Just Featured' Template 

This template works best when you have any kind of press coverage or online music promotion. If you were recently mentioned in an article, music blog or featured on a music website, this can be the main focus of your email. Mention that you want to keep the email receiver in the loop with all of the new projects you're working on.  

The 'I Have An Upcoming Show' Template

This template is for artists who are performing live shows. When reaching out to potential contacts, provide information about the show such as date, time, location, and ticket prices. If you can swing it, offer to put them on your guest list with a plus one. It's a nice gesture and shows that you're interested in deepening the relationship with the person you're emailing. Plus, people love free stuff! If you can't offer tickets, offer to send over some of your new and unreleased music or any swag you have that you can afford to give away. 

The 'I Have A Unique Sound' Template

This template is another pitch email that centers around your music. In this email, describe what sets your music apart from other players in the industry. Make sure to provide links to music videos or streaming sites and any other digital music materials you have available.


At the end of any music pitch email, make sure to provide additional contact information such as a website or social media links. This allows the recipient to get in touch with you easily and quickly if they are interested in your music. And most importantly... answer your emails promptly if and when you do get a response! 

Writing pitch emails doesn't have to be an overwhelming process. Just remember that each music pitch should be tailored for the specific industry professional you are attempting to reach out to. Make sure to keep it short and sweet, but also entertaining enough that they can’t help but check out your music. Good luck!


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