Working With AI As An Artist

Working With AI As An Artist

Surviving the AI revolution as an artist doesn't have to be a scary and daunting task. Follow our tips below and soon you'll be working with this trend rather than against it.

Some Preliminary Points

1) Artificial intelligence is already prominent in the music space in 2023. There are countless AI rappers and singers making their way into the mainstream, with more cropping up every day. There was controversy with Capitol Records' FN Meka last summer, and we expect situations like this to keep happening, the more the advanced the technology gets. 

2) Time is a factor. The longer you wait to put a music marketing strategy into place, the more advanced the AI technology gets. We don't say that to scare you, just to inspire you to get going! The last thing you want to become is irrelevant. 

3) Try not to freak out! An AI rapper can never replace a genuine and unique human personality. Lean into your strengths with your branding and marketing and you'll be fine, despite the competition.


Don’t Fight The AI

Don't be naive enough to think that AI won't be everywhere sooner than later, because the hard facts are that it will. It's your job as an artist to figure out how you can best take advantage of this revolution. Maintain your creativity as an artist, but use the technology to help you work 10x faster than usual. There are perks, we promise! 

Use AI Songwriters To Create Lyrics Faster

AI writing services like Rytr & Jasper are awesome tools to help you get more songwriting done, faster. Even though these tools are still in beta, they're incredibly helpful! They don't do 100% of the work for you, but they allow you to retain your creative voice while also cranking out a higher word count. 

There are other apps to be discovered on a marketplace like Appsumo, which is a lifetime software deal marketplace. You can test-drive a new software tool that might completely revolutionize your work flow! 

These days, you're better off releasing new music at least once a week, so if you want to stay relevant, you should be trying to crank out the songs! 

License Your Voice Using AI

AI is complex enough these days that you can license people a copy of your voice if you want to. Let's say you're sick.. just upload the version of you singing from last week and you can still make songs! Plus, this is a great source of passive income. Look into companies like Uberduck for more info. 

Master Your Marketing Funnel and Ad Spend

Having a marketing strategy is essential for your music career. Think about it... there are already hundreds of thousands of new songs being uploaded to Spotify every day.  That number is only going to increase as AI comes more into the mainstream. Here's how you can spend your marketing budget to increase efficiency! 

30% of your marketing budget to IG & Facebook Ads. Most of this should direct traffic to your website. Even though we're in the era of social media, you're better off pushing people towards your website since you own the product. The social media companies own your TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, etc. so its riskier putting all of your time and energy into building out these channels. 

Squarespace and Wix are good places to start to get your website off of the ground. Once you have it established, send targeted traffic there. 

20-30% of your marketing budget to YouTube & Google. The same logic applies here as it does to the above point. If you have a website, you want to push your fans there as the end goal! 

15-20% of your marketing budget to Spotify Playlisting. Having a lot of monthly views on your Spotify, (a metric visible to all users) is a good look when you're trying to build buzz around your brand. Don't underestimate the power of streams. 

The remaining budget should go towards SEO, TikTok, or other platforms. You always need to be innovating in music marketing. If most of your fans are on smaller social media platforms, test out ads there. Invest some dollars into TikTok if you're looking to be discovered - it's turning into an A&R marketplace over there! Plus, the algorithm rewards consistent posting, so if you don't know where to put some marketing cash, TikTok is a solid choice. 



Get a marketing plan in place for your music if you haven't already. Hit us up if you need help. This is the first step in taking yourself seriously! Oh, and invest in a website. They won't cost you much top to bottom and they're a vital piece of your overall marketing plan. 



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