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Luminate Releases Fall 2022 'Music 360' Report On Music Listeners' Behavior

Luminate Releases Fall 2022 'Music 360' Report On Music Listeners' Behavior - Organic Music

A new release of data compiled by LUMINATE on music listener behavior from its "Music 360" report shows a 45% increase in live music event attendance among Americans 13+ since last FALL, while time spent listening to music has declined since 2021, dropping from 14 hours per week to 12.4 hours per week.

Other data nuggets in the FALL 2022 study include that 72% think live music events are too expensive; 44% say popular musicians make too much money; 24% still watch music videos on TV (up from last year); Rock tops all music genres at 51% but has seen a decrease in the past year while K-pop, Latin, and Bollywood have grown; and 57% listen to '90s music, 55% to '80s music, and 53% to music from the 2010s and 2020s.

Gen-Z is spending 21% more hours on music weekly than the average listener, and spending 18% more money on music (and are 28% more likely to pay for premium music streaming subscriptions). The age gap is stark for radio: 80% of Gen-Z music listeners use audio streaming for their music, 76% use video streaming, and only 63% use radio. Millennials use all three formats at about the same rate, but radio takes a substantial lead among Gen-X, Boomers, and Silent Generation listeners.

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