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Albums vs. Singles: Which One is REALLY Better?

Albums vs. Singles: Which One is REALLY Better? - Organic Music

Should you release one song at a time? Or a whole album?

Music trends are always shifting, and over the past hundred years various formats have vied for dominance: Singles, EPs, LPs, and so forth.

The ongoing question: Is it more effective to release larger or smaller collections of songs? Well let’s look at how the debate plays out in 2022.

The benefits of albums are:

  • They’re a milestone, showing a bigger evolution in your musical career
  • It’s easier to get press/PR coverage
  • You can sell CDs or vinyl
  • You have more musical material from which to draw design inspo, create merch items, etc.
  • Higher visibility in many streaming platform discographies
  • More music marketing opportunities

The benefit of singles are:

So which music format is best?

Honestly, it’s a false dilemma, based on some very 20th-Century considerations.

You can do both. It’s easy to do both. There’s benefits to both. And as long as you find the right balance, you SHOULD release both albums and singles.

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