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How Marketers Can Help Musicians Promote Their Music

How Marketers Can Help Musicians Promote Their Music - Organic Music Marketing

Much has been said about the marketing woes of the 21st century musician. A one-line summary is that promoting music is harder today, despite the abundance of outlets for organic exposure. 


If you’re struggling to land your music into the ears of online audiences, maybe it’s time to take a page from the world of professional marketers? 


After all, who better to learn about marketing than people who live and breathe it. They can help you avoid the common pitfalls of the digital landscape and seize your biggest opportunities online. 


So with that said, let’s look at four of the most tested principles of marketing online. 



1. Diversify Your Social Channels


Social media platforms are great. They let you put your message out for the whole world to see from the comfort of your home and even your pajamas. But that’s not to say that it’s all roses and sunshine. 


If the majority of your followers are on a single platform, your entire career is at a huge risk. Platforms are known to disable accounts for some of the most ridiculous infractions. It’s not rare to get booted off for having political views that clash with the mainstream ideas.


More importantly, you never know when a platform might decide to painfully throttle your organic reach. Remember the good old days of your followers actually seeing your content on Facebook? Not anymore!


So it’s important that you create accounts on multiple platforms, repurpose your content across them, and then cross promote your accounts to gain traction on each. This way a single ban won’t put your entire career on hold. 



2. Have Private Channels of Communication


Want to make your career bulletproof and take your safety to the next level? Create your own email or even SMS subscribers list. This way you own your platform and have a direct connection with your biggest fans.


Only people who don’t want to miss any of your updates will subscribe to these. So the return on your investment is going to be impressive. It doesn’t cost a lot to set these up anymore, anyway. 


Be sure to create your dedicated website while you’re at it. There’s a reason why all the successful musicians have one. It shows that you’re serious and opens up lots of opportunities for strengthening your brand. 


3. Know Your Audience


Trying to impress everyone is going to impress no one. This is a message any marketer must be live by, and as a musician, you are a marketer in a sense of that word. 


This is why we can’t stress the importance of knowing your audience enough. Age, gender, location, occupation, and niche interests are some of the ways to tighten your audience targeting. Your messages will sound psychically relatable to your people once you know exactly who they are. 



4. Don’t Be Afraid to Get Some Help


Marketing is hard work. People have dedicated their entire lives to it without astronomical results to show for it. So why not let some of this burden off your shoulders and let a professional take care of it for you? 


You don’t need to get signed by a record label to make it big today. Social media can turn talented people into global stars, and organic music promo companies can seriously increase your chances of going viral. 


Since most indie musicians don’t have the budget to hire a full-service marketing firm, we highly recommend working with an organic music promotion company so you only pay for results. Get those first thousand or so views, listens, and replays with the help of a reputable company, and you’ll be ahead of 99% of musicians out there!


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