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4 Tips to Skyrocket Your Music Promotion

4 Tips to Skyrocket Your Music Promotion - Organic Music Marketing

Most people think producing music is the hard part. But as any musician will confirm, cutting through the noise and putting your music in front of an audience is arguably the toughest part. 


People are bombarded with countless distractions every single day. Think of all the news bites, social media updates, commercials, and countless other pings of distractions. Is it really surprising then that attention is the most precious commodity of 2021?


As a musician, you’re probably more than aware of this unfortunate fact. You’re likely already doing a lot to promote your music online, even if the results are less than stellar. 


Luckily, getting more listeners doesn’t mean you have to start a dozen new campaigns. With the help of a few amplification tactics, you can get a lot more exposure with almost the same effort. 



1. Repost Like You’re Getting Paid for It


It takes a ton of time to create something interesting. Something worth sharing. So why stop at the first share?


For platforms where posts are short-lived, it makes no sense to upload that amazing snap or beat once and then let it gather dust for an eternity. 


You’re going to get new fans and followers over time. That’s on top of all your current followers who probably missed your content the first time you posted it. So don’t be afraid to share the same social media posts multiple times throughout the year. It’s going to be new for plenty of people. 



2. Repurpose Content


Here’s another interesting idea. The work you put in front of your audience isn’t the only thing they’re interested in. You’ve put probably hundreds of hours into thinking, reflecting, refining, recording, and overall producing your best work. So why limit the output of all that effort to a single piece? 


People who are receptive to your masterpieces want to know you better. They want to get those extra insights and connections to feel like things are on the next level between the two of you. So give them that chance by sharing extra details about whatever you’re putting out. 


For example, if you’ve released a song, share the backstory. Share the wild list of ideas that brought you to those conclusions. Music is full of boundless nuance compressed into bite-sized pieces. So you can use social media to repurpose all those thoughts by putting them into a newer form of content. 



3. Engage Your People


What’s the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to get more exposure from your content? Engage with those consuming it. 


Whether it’s a Facebook post, Instagram story, the comments section of your music video, or anything else online. Just show up and show people you’re a real person just like them and that you care. 


You might even make someone’s day by leaving a thoughtful response to their interactions. 



4. Invest a Little to Quadruple Your Results


This is the one area where most indie musicians fail. They put hundreds and even thousands of hours into their art and content. Their social media hustling game is harder than a politician’s. But for some reason, they fear putting in a little bit of money to give their content a survivor’s chance online. 


Internet is jampacked with all kinds of voices. Relying on the algorithms to pick yours over the rest of the millions is like buying a Mega Millions ticket and genuinely hoping to turn into a billionaire. 


A much better strategy is to work with an organic music promotion company to get that much needed initial exposure. If you can get a couple thousand people to check your masterpiece, you’re going to instantly 100X your odds of making it big. 


So don’t be afraid to put a little bit of money into paid promotion. It costs almost nothing compared to the cost of all the hours you’re already putting into this. 

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