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A Comprehensive Guide to Music Publishing

A Comprehensive Guide to Music Publishing - Organic Music Marketing

Music publishing is an essential part of the music industry. It's the process by which songwriters and composers are able to make money from their work. But what exactly is music publishing, and how does it work? Let's explore these questions in more detail. 

What is Music Publishing? 

Music publishing is the business side of making music. It involves registering, marketing, licensing, and protecting the intellectual property rights of a song or composition. The goal of music publishers is to ensure that songwriters and composers are compensated when their songs are used or performed publicly. Every time a song or composition is performed or recorded, its publisher has to be paid for the right to use that piece of music. This can include radio play, TV broadcasts, digital downloads, streaming services, live performances, film screenings, etc. 

How Does Music Publishing Work? 

When a composer or songwriter creates a piece of music they own the copyright to that piece but they need help getting it out into the world. That’s where a music publisher comes in—they provide the legal and financial resources necessary for a songwriter/composer to get paid for their work. Publishers will take care of tasks such as registering copyrights with performing rights societies like ASCAP/BMI (American Society of Composers Authors & Publishers) and SESAC (Society of European Stage Authors & Composers), collecting royalties from various sources including mechanical royalties from record labels and performance royalties from broadcasters and streaming services, negotiating contracts with recording artists who might want to record one of your songs for their album(s), etc. 

Additionally, many publishers will also help promote your work by pitching it for placement in films/TV shows/commercials as well as radio playlists. They may even provide some type of advance payment so you can cover expenses while you wait for your royalties checks to start rolling in!     


Music publishing can seem overwhelming at first but understanding how it works can open up many opportunities for musicians and songwriters alike! With the right publisher on your side you can easily navigate through all aspects of the business side of making music so don't be afraid to reach out if you need help getting started! Music publishing isn't just about making money - it's about giving your creative works the recognition they deserve! So don't wait - start exploring this exciting aspect of being an artist today!


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