Organic Spotify Playlist Pitching

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Every music marketing company out there seems to claim to be the best at playlist pitching. Well, 90% of those companies are scams and are getting your music added to botted playlists that have zero value, ultimately leading to your music being flagged and taken down by your distributor. We care about our clients and their careers, so we have developed a proprietary pitching service that is truly unmatched. We have completed successful pitching campaigns in all genres and have pitched over 5,000 singles since 2017. 

Unlike most playlist pitching services, our campaigns do not interfere with your streaming algorithm nor will our service get your music removed from streaming platforms. This means that tracks promoted through our service will always be eligible for all algorithmic playlists such as Discover Weekly, artist radio, and activation of your "This is" playlist! 

Examples of playlists in our network

Tiktok & Triller Hits - 185k followers

Rap Hits 2022 - 162k followers

Songs Stuck In Your Head - 138k followers

Get Turnt - 126k followers

Trending Tunes 2022 - 122k followers

Rap Gym Playlist - 50k followers

Pop Party - 130k followers

TikTok Hits - 222k followers


Please see results you can expect from our playlist pitching campaigns below.  

Once your campaign starts, you can track progress via Spotify for Artists or Spotontrack , you will also receive an e-mail from one of our representatives with details about how to track your results! 

Clients typically see playlist placements come in within 2-3 days of ordering a campaign.