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Are you tired of buying fake YouTube promotion that only gives you fake views that disappear or come from robots or click farms? Yea, we were TOO... LUCKILY YOU HAVE FOUND US. 

We have marketed hundreds of music videos for labels and independent artists. We specialize in marketing your music video to people that want to watch your video / listen to your music.

We market your video in one of two ways: advertising or YouTube playlists. We always start by trying to run ads for your videos, however, sometimes YouTube will not allow certain videos to run due to policy violations. But don’t worry we always have a backup plan through our diverse and large network of YouTube playlists. Through both of these avenues, we guarantee that your music will be placed in front of a targeted audience of viewers that have been proven to show interest in your genre of music. 

Tier 1 - You can expect 2,000+ monetization eligible targeted views over 30 days.

Tier 2 - You can expect 5,000+ monetization eligible targeted views over 30 days.

Tier 3 - You can expect 10,000+ monetization eligible targeted views over 30 days.

Tier 4 - You can expect 20,000+ monetization eligible targeted views over 30 days.

Tier 5 - You can expect 50,000+ monetization eligible targeted views over 30 days.

Tier 6 - You can expect 100,000+ monetization eligible targeted views over 30-45 days.

Tier 7 - You can expect 150,000 - 200,000+ monetization eligible targeted views over 30-45 days.


If you are wondering more about how advertising works, think about the videos that pop up in the recommended section on YouTube while you are watching another video, that is where we can place your music video. Your video will also be placed in-stream of other music videos that we strategically choose based on your target audience. We also advertise your YouTube music video on apps, games, and partner websites. Plus, we pitch your music video to largely followed YouTube playlists that feature some of the industry's most prominent artists! Your video will be featured alongside theirs!

​These plays are not generated via click farms. Our campaigns work with monetized channels and Vevo channels. The views our advertising brings in will not disappear!

Engagement such as likes/comments/subscribers is an impact of promo and since these are real people - we cannot predict how they engage with the content. We believe in transparency to the core.

Realistically if you think about it, how often do you like or comment on advertisements you see? As soon as you realize you have to log in to do so, you move on. Don't expect others to act differently! The only way to gain likes, subscribers, and comments is through consistent promotion and engagement!

Please ask if you have any questions! If you would like to order a larger campaign please let us know and we will schedule a consultation to discuss your campaign based on your budget.