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Sean Combs Gives Back Publishing Rights
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Sean Combs Gives Back Publishing Rights

Some big news in the publishing world - Sean Combs is in the middle of reassigning his publishing rights for part of his Bad Boy catalog. Representatives from the label declined to disclose the spe...

TikTokTikTok Shop Rivals Amazon, Shein, Temu

TikTok Shop Rivals Amazon, Shein, Temu

This just in! TikTok is reportedly considering launching its very own online retail store in the United States as early as next month. This move would not only allow the company to enter the e-comm...

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AI Drake Track Creators Raising Capital

Two months ago, artist ghostwriter caused a stir by releasing a track called "Heart on My Sleeve." The song featured AI-generated vocals imitating the sounds of popular artists Drake and The Weeknd...

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Publishers Versus Twitter Major Lawsuit

Some big news happened in the music publishing space this week. Justice will be served, apparently! For years now, Twitter has been the only social media platform who has refused to license music o...

gamingTwitch's New Advertising Rules Upset Fanbase

Twitch's New Advertising Rules Upset Fanbase

Twitch, the ultimate go-to for gamers, has put the gaming world in a spin with its new ad restrictions. On Tuesday, Twitch released a brand new set of advertising rules that stirred up quite the ho...

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Congress Stepping Up To Regulate Ticketmaster

U.S. Congressmen Bill Pascrell Jr. and Frank Pallone Jr. have introduced some exciting new legislation dubbed "The BOSS and SWIFT Act" (awesome name, right?), aimed at finally regulating ticket sal...