Worldwide Music Distribution goes Organic

After completing thousands of successful digital music promotion services for artists big and small, Organic Music Marketing is excited to announce we are now offering worldwide music distribution. Digital music distribution platforms are no longer optional in today's tech savvy market. It's no secret we have a solid and impressive portfolio of marketing clients and we are ready to build our distribution roster to match our already high achieving clientele. 

This will be your artist dashboard once you sign up. 

How are we different?

1. We have humans. We offer one on one customer service support to help you along the way in your distribution journey. 

2. Our owner, @CEOCODYPATRICK is an A&R at Asylum RecordsWhen he isn't running the best digital music promotion firm on the planet, he's scouting out possible talent for the label. Distribute your music with Organic Music Distro and there's a big possibility it could be played for the tastemakers of the industry. 

3. Discounts and perks. Once you're part of the Organic Music Distro family, you'll receive perks like early bird access to new services and opportunities for features and placements. (If your music qualifies)

Sign up for Organic Music Distro  starting at $9.99


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