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TikTok: Commercial Music Library & Artist Impact Program

TikTok: Commercial Music Library & Artist Impact Program - Organic Music Marketing

TikTok dropped some spicy news this week as it launched its new ‘Artist Impact Program’ and quickly made several new distribution deals for its Commercial Music Library (CML). The Impact program gives artists the chance to add trending songs to the CML and monetize their music by allowing businesses access to the rights-cleared music in their advertising campaigns.

The new Artist Impact program also helps emerging artists get discovered and re-discovered by brands via the library, which now contains over one million rights-cleared songs sourced from various partners. TikTok has made great strides in this area, seeing as they have acquired over 850,000 pre-cleared tracks since October of 2021! TikTok also cites 'notable talent' in the Artist Impact Program including Akon, Ciara and INJI. INJI, in particular, has seen her career take off as a result of her success on TikTok. Definitely food for thought for artists looking to break into the industry in any way possible. 

The companies involved with TikTok's massive CML distribution deals include Believe, Downtown Artist & Label Services, DistroKid, SubPop and Vydia, just to name a few. TikTok has also confirmed that “Sound Partners,” a separate program, is still ongoing. TikTok aims to make the platform a place where everyone can find growth and opportunity, and its new music resources are a vital part of this overall strategy. 

Additionally, as of January 2024, TikTok has been banned in Montana. This move is expected to be challenged in court. The ban comes from the wide-spreading concern around user privacy, as many believe the Chinese app to be thinly disguised spyware. Any app store or TikTok itself will be fined $10,000 per day every time a potential user is given the ability to access or download the app. Users will not be held liable for charges. Stay tuned here... who knows what could happen! 




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