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The difference between PR and Marketing (for musicians)

The difference between PR and Marketing (for musicians) - Organic Music

Many people believe that PR and Marketing are the same, however, they are not. There is one major difference between the two. This difference lies in the type of services provided by a company.

Marketing is mainly concerned with promoting goods or services in order to increase their sales. It also focuses on an individual brand’s image. However, PR is more focused on company’s reputation and how it is perceived by its clients, investors and other stakeholders as well as consumers at large.

PR companies can make your business stand out from its competitors!

As mentioned earlier, PR agencies play a vital role when it comes to improving your business’ online presence along with making your brand popular internationally among potential customers; they help you build relationships with reporters and journalists globally through media leverage; overall goal of getting attention of the readers/viewers/listeners for your brand or products through different methods such as interviews and features on television shows, newspapers etc.. These are some of the main reasons why you should opt for PR agencies right away if you want to stay ahead in this competitive world!

Here at Organic we offer both PR and Marketing services to ensure the artists we work with have the tools they need to get the attention they deserve! Sign up to our email list and mention "PR Promo Code" to have an exclusive discount emailed directly to you.

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