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Spotify Removes White Noise Ad Support

Spotify Removes White Noise Ad Support

Recently, Spotify made a significant decision regarding white noise creators on its platform. These folks were earning up to $18,000 per month by recording ambient sounds meant for background listening. However, the streaming giant has now cut off these podcast creators from its lucrative ads program. The harsh hand of justice comes down!

The ambient sounds were gaining popularity and accounted for a significant amount of daily consumption hours on Spotify. The platform's algorithmic push for content resulted in increased exposure for sounds with 'talk' rather than music. Although the company initially encouraged these creators to join, the white noise podcasts started taking away listener attention from major artists.

To address this issue, Spotify is removing white noise podcasts from its self-funded Ambassador Ads program. This program allows podcasters to promote their content through ads read by hosts. Spotify compensates hosts for these ads, encouraging more creators to join the platform. However, the success of white noise podcasts led to Spotify losing $38 million in annual gross profit due to the placement of ads within these podcasts. That's a pretty penny when you think about it.

Realizing the impact of white noise podcasts on user engagement, Spotify is now ending its support for these podcasts. The streaming giant believes that the marketing dollars spent on white noise podcasts were not effectively utilized because users did not actively engage with these sessions.

White noise podcasts are typically played in the background to aid focus and clarity during work or study sessions. However, Spotify found that these podcasts did not generate significant user engagement, leading to a reconsideration of their marketing strategy. Spotify recently sent an email to artists, informing them of the removal of white noise tracks from the Ambassador Ads program.

In addition, Spotify has also made changes to the eligibility requirements for the Ambassador Ads program. Conventional podcasters now need at least 1,000 unique Spotify listeners in the past 60 days in order to qualify for the program. This decision, known as "Spotify's $38 million white noise problem," aims to improve user engagement and ensure that marketing efforts are directed towards content that resonates with listeners.



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