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Spotify Leveling Up In 2023

Spotify Leveling Up In 2023

Spotify had a big shakeup in March 2023 during their annual "Stream On" event where they introduced some updates that are sure to make your music experience as a consumer and/or an artist even better. From personalized AI playlists specially tailored to your tastes to new short form video clips that will live on your profile page, here is what you need to know about the most recent changes. 


Spotify hasn't seen this big of a change since 2013. It's about time, as the app has been one of the biggest streaming services on the market for a while now. The changes have two primary focuses: discovery and personalization. Since AI is hot right now, y'all better believe Spotify also jumped on that bandwagon! "The DJ" is a new update, featuring commentary from a very realistic voice that comes from Spotify's newly acquired voice platform Sonantic. The tech is Generative AI from Open AI, the company that Elon Musk was an original investor in. The service is currently in beta, to be rolled out to more users in the coming months. The idea behind this update is that the AI DJ knows your taste so well that it can pick out new music for you, along with creating personalized playlists. The AI DJ also digs into your listening history and brings back your old favorites while constantly refining the playlist to fit your mood. The best part? It's all powered by an AI which means that your experience that gets better and more tailed to your wants with every interaction. So if a song isn't quite hitting the spot, just tap the DJ button and let the magic happen. It's like having a music genie at your beck and call. This update takes the earlier 'Discover Weekly' feature a step further, with more a more curated and complex roundup of music suggestions, presented alongside commentary from a realistic voice. The future is here. 


Finally, video content integrates into Spotify! This is poised to be a very disruptive technology seeing as the company has now cut out the (pretty influential) middle men, YouTube and TikTok, among others. Artists are allowed to upload short form content directly onto their 'Spotify for Artists' pages. Clips are limited to thirty seconds or less, and can be either vertical or short form. These can be a great way to hype up upcoming releases and focus on a particular album or single. This tech also pushes fans to dive into discovering their favorite artists on a deeper level, since there's more content available for consumption in-app now. 

Countdowns & Pre-Saves

Another huge win for marketers everywhere! Kidding, but this is seriously a dope update. Spotify now allows you to pre-save a release, preview a track list, pre-order merch, watch video clips and watch the timer countdown to the release moment. According to the Instagram account @industrybytes, 80% of pre-savers have streamed the new release within the first week on average. 

Similar to the new Clips feature, this new Countdown feature also redirects traffic from the middle man and keeps users in the original streaming platform/app. 

Spotify Home Interface

The last update to mention is a new Spotify Home Interface. Along with the new Clips feature, artists can now upload videos that allow potential fans to preview their music before diving in to any of their content. This feature is algorithmically curated to drive new discovery and effectively cuts out the TikTok intermediary. It also enhances the audio-visual experience for users on the app.

Spotify is doing a good job of making sure that with these new updates, fans and consumers have no reason to leave the app in the first place. In an era where there's more and more competition every day between streaming services, we think they killed it in this newest update. 



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