Organic Industry News: HYBE Is Music's Next Big Company!

Organic Industry News: HYBE Is Music's Next Big Company!

HYBE, a South Korean music company, is making headlines with its recent acquisition of two major deals. First, the company's U.S. division, HYBE America, acquired QC Media Holdings, the parent company of Atlanta-based hip-hop label Quality Control Music. This acquisition gives HYBE a hip-hop presence to complement its K-pop acts, such as BTS and TOMORROW X TOGETHER, and also helps diversify the company beyond K-pop. The deal was worth $300 million in cash and stock.

HYBE then announced it spent $334 million for a 14.8% stake in K-pop rival SM Entertainment. With this move, HYBE became the top shareholder in the third-largest Korean music company, which has a market capitalization of $1.85 billion. This investment can further HYBE's leading position in South Korea, which is worth $6 billion in 2021, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. A 15% stake in SM Entertainment creates opportunities for mutual benefit, such as SM Entertainment artists using HYBE's Weverse social media platform.

HYBE is now the No. 1 K-pop music company by market capitalization at $6.5 billion. The company's annual EBITDA puts it in the middle ground between the three major labels and large independent companies. Universal Music Group had an EBITDA of $2 billion in 2021, while Warner Music Group had $1.2 billion in the year ending Sept. 30, 2022. Although not reported, Sony Music Entertainment paces ahead of HYBE. HYBE is an independent company, not tied to the majors, and has a unique approach to melding music and technology.

HYBE is proving that the music industry is more competitive and dynamic than some might suggest. While the three major labels dominate the record business, independent companies are flourishing. HYBE has connections to the majors, with its music distributed by Universal Music Group and a joint venture with Geffen Records. However, HYBE is nimble and independent of the majors, based in South Korea and not in London or New York.

HYBE sets itself apart from its competition by its approach to growth. While the music industry is focused on catalogs (music older than 18 months) and investments in established catalogs, HYBE is focusing on artists and music technology. The company's Weverse platform connects fans with artists and enables them to participate in events and experiences, such as concerts and merchandise. This approach to melding music and technology is a key factor in HYBE's continued growth and success.

HYBE is definitely the next big company in the music industry. Its recent acquisitions and investments are proof of its commitment to growth and its unique approach to music and entertainment. With its nimbleness and focus on artists and technology, HYBE is poised to continue its ascent in the music industry and establish itself as a major player in the global music scene.


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