Four Ways To Monetize Your Music (2023)

Four Ways To Monetize Your Music (2023) - Organic Music Marketing

As an aspiring artist, you already know that your music is the most important part of your career. But if you want to make a living and grow, learning how to build a business around music should be one of your top priorities. Many artists don't naturally possess this skill set, and that's ok! That's why we are here to help. Let’s look at four different ways you can treat your music career like a real business and make money in 2023. 

Offload Some Royalties

Let's say you're in your bag after a couple of hit records, and now you have too much money to know what to do with. A solid option is to sell some of your back-end royalties. Buying songwriter catalogs is trendy right now, but if you don't have an angel investor on speed dial, there are other options. Websites like Corite allow you to sell a percentage of your song ownership and split the streaming revenue with your fans. Talk about a win-win scenario! This platform is the music industry's interpretation of GoFundMe: artists get funding and marketing from their fans on the front end, and in return they share their streaming royalties. In this way, both fans and the artist are incentivized to promote the song. Pretty brilliant if you ask us! 

Create Shorter Releases for Spotify Playlisting

Some of y'all might not like this option, but here we go. Create shorter songs! Tracks that are two minutes or less tend to get replayed more. Spotify doesn't pay more if you make a longer song right now. So, work with this trend instead of against it. With TikTok and Instagram dominating as such important social channels, people don't have very long attention spans in the first place. You're much more likely to get a higher stream count (and effectively, higher royalty checks!) on a shorter song. 

You should also be putting out new tracks each week if you can swing it. When you put out releases consistently, you stay on the radar for your fans. There's too much content out there to hold your fans' attention 24/7, but you can cover serious ground if you drop a new song each week. 

License Your Voice Online 

To state the obvious, the AI revolution is bringing us a ton of new tech. You can come out of this ahead by leaning in to Big Data because people can now copy your voice using AI. If you record a professional version of yourself singing or rapping, you can get paid every time someone downloads your voice profile! Companies like Uberduck are offering this service and we're sure more will crop up in the future. 

Switch Up Your Concert Marketing Strategy 

Touring has always been a consistent moneymaker for artists. However, why not try something different and market your tour in a new and interesting way? You could find a way to promote the show as part of a whole 'experience' for your fans, such a couples date night or a holiday-themed event. This is your chance to get creative! If you need help coming up with ideas, you can try one of the many AI writing services like Jasper or Rytr. 

What To Do Next 

The straight-up truth is, if you don't have a serious promotional plan in place for your music, you're missing out. Hit us up for help with marketing your music! We can get you where you need to be. 



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