Best Sync Licensing Companies (2023)

Best Sync Licensing Companies (2023) - Organic Music Marketing

Sync licensing is a popular way for musicians and songwriters to earn money and gain exposure for their music. By licensing their music for use in TV shows, films, commercials, and video games, artists can reach a wider audience and earn royalties for their work. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the best sync licensing companies in the music industry.

  1. Musicbed: Musicbed is a popular sync licensing company that connects musicians and songwriters with filmmakers, advertisers, and other creatives. The platform offers a wide range of genres, from indie rock to cinematic orchestral music, and features an easy-to-use search function that allows users to find music based on mood, genre, and other criteria. Musicbed offers a variety of licensing options, including standard licenses for web and social media use, and custom licenses for larger projects.

  2. AudioJungle: AudioJungle is a popular marketplace for royalty-free music and sound effects, with a large selection of tracks available for sync licensing. The platform features a wide range of genres, from corporate and motivational music to ambient and cinematic tracks. AudioJungle offers flexible licensing options, with a variety of pricing tiers to fit different budgets and project sizes.

  3. Epidemic Sound: Epidemic Sound is a music sync licensing company that provides a library of high-quality tracks for use in videos, podcasts, and other content. The platform offers a wide range of genres, from electronic and hip-hop to orchestral and acoustic music. Epidemic Sound's licensing options are straightforward, with a simple pricing structure based on the type of content being created.

  4. Artlist: Artlist is a subscription-based music sync licensing platform that provides unlimited access to a curated library of high-quality tracks. The platform features a variety of genres, including indie, electronic, and cinematic music, and offers an intuitive search function that allows users to find music based on mood, tempo, and other criteria. Artlist offers simple licensing options, with one flat fee that covers all usage types.

  5. Marmoset: Marmoset is a music licensing agency that offers a curated selection of tracks for sync licensing in film, TV, advertising, and other media. The platform features a diverse range of genres, from folk and indie rock to electronic and hip-hop, and offers flexible licensing options based on project size and usage type. Marmoset also offers custom music production services for clients who need original music for their projects.

In conclusion, sync licensing can be a lucrative and rewarding way for musicians and songwriters to earn money and gain exposure for their music. Whether you're an independent artist or a seasoned composer, there are plenty of sync licensing companies out there to help you get your music out into the world. By partnering with one of these companies, you can reach a wider audience and turn your passion for music into a successful career.


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