AI Record Labels? Yes, They Have Arrived

AI Record Labels? Yes, They Have Arrived - Organic Music Marketing

LifeScore Music, a remarkable artificial intelligence music technology company co-founded by Tom Gruber, AI expert and the co-inventor of Siri, has recently launched its very own record label called Kaleidoscope. This exciting startup aims to showcase music created by talented artists and enhance it with LifeScore's innovative generative AI technology.

The Kaleidoscope team collaborates globally with sound designers and industry professionals to curate what they refer to as ambisonic recordings. These recordings combine musical elements with the aim of evoking a unique "sense of time and place", according to LifeScore.

Chief Audio Officer of LifeScore, Mary Lockwood, poses an intriguing question: "What if you could experience your favorite tracks in a completely new and different way?" LifeScore's approach involves preserving the original compositions at the heart of the creative process, whether they are leveraging an artist's existing catalog or creating fresh new music. The technology adds a surprise factor, resulting in a delightful and unique experience that remains true to the artist's music, but with an added twist.

Starting this fall, Kaleidoscope will introduce an enchanting collection of immersive albums. The first releases include Riverside Flow, designed specifically for yoga sessions; Skywalk, an auditory journey through the rainforest; Castles In the Sand, a serene beach soundscape; Alpenglow, a walk amidst picturesque mountains; and Twilight Jungle, an 8-hour sleep experience. These wellness-oriented albums are composed and performed by Kaleidoscope's own team of talented musicians.

Additionally, Kaleidoscope will collaborate with artists to introduce reimagined versions of their works. One such collaboration includes an extended long-play sleep album derived from Sleeping At Last's Atlas: Space compilation, scheduled for release later this fall.

Mark your calendars! Kaleidoscope will release new music every Friday throughout October, with Riverside Flow already available. This groundbreaking label is built on LifeScore's cutting-edge generative technology, which reinterprets and remixes original music, expanding upon the essence of the original composition.

LifeScore sources raw materials from world-renowned studios and obtains master recordings from artists. These recordings then undergo a transformative process utilizing the company's patented technology, resulting in remixes and variations with new musical themes suited for activities such as sleep, energy, relaxation, and focus.

LifeScore's technology differs from traditional methods by transforming a single composition or album of music to generate fresh, new variations. The aim of LifeScore's AI is not to replace human creativity, but to enhance and assist it. Tom Gruber, Chief Technology Officer at LifeScore, believes that this is the proper role of AI.

After being accepted into the Abbey Road RED Incubator 2019 program, LifeScore has continued to make strides in the music industry. Last year, they successfully secured £11 million (approx. USD $13 million) in series A funding. Octopus Ventures led the funding round, with participation from IDEO and 4 Good Ventures. To date, LifeScore has raised a total of £12 million.

Warner Music CEO Robert Kyncl predicts that the music business will be at the forefront of AI exploitation. Due to its widespread distribution and alignment with the internet, music often leads in transformations and innovations. Kyncl emphasized that digitization and advancements in AI will bring about significant changes within the next year, with increasing quality at a rapid pace.

Overall, this means that LifeScore's pioneering technology and the music industry's integration of AI will result in a powerful evolution in the way music is created and consumed. For the most accurate information on this exciting new venture, check out the original press release, found here



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