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Two months ago, artist ghostwriter caused a stir by releasing a track called "Heart on My Sleeve." The song featured AI-generated vocals imitating the sounds of popular artists Drake and The Weeknd, and quickly became a sensation on both YouTube and TikTok. The song was uploaded to major streaming services such as Spotify and SoundCloud where it amassed hundreds of thousands of streams. However, it was eventually removed from all platforms due to a copyright claim by Universal Music Group. Evidence of this removal can be seen on the now-defunct YouTube page where the video was once hosted.

Drake and The Weeknd release their music through Universal Music Group and Republic Records. At this point in time, the only place where you can stream the track is via AI music platform, WAVs AI, where the track is listed under “DRAIK and the WKND”. As of June 19th 2023, the track has already amassed over 540,000 streams, and this AI music streaming platform is only gaining momentum! They recently acquired $20 million from New York-based group Regal Investments. In a recent press release, Regal’s CEO, Roble Regal, states: “I firmly believe that traditional music companies will be dethroned in the coming years by innovative AI-driven platforms”. 

WAVs AI promotes itself as being “the world’s leading AI music provider”, featuring tracks from artists such as “Ariana Granday”, “Freddie-mercurai”, and “Eminaim”. The company's recent financial boost puts them in a solid position for growth, and CEO Robbie Regal states that he, "envisions a future where established companies will face formidable challenges from AI-powered platforms." A WAVs AI spokesperson commented that, “with Regal Investments’ support, we will continue to strike deals with artists and record labels, broaden our user base, and establish WAVs AI as a dominant force in the music streaming industry.” 



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