A Look At All Of The Valuable Winners Of The EGOT

A Look At All Of The Valuable Winners Of The EGOT - Organic Music Marketing

A Look At All Of The Valuable Winners Of The EGOT

The EGOT is a rare and prestigious award that allows its recipients to join an elite circle of creatives. It's been around since the early 50s and honors excellence in music, film, television, and theatre. To win it all four awards - Emmys, Grammys, Oscars, and Tony awards - must be achieved by a single person for both creative works and performances. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the history of the EGOT, the criteria for winning it, and list out all of the winners since its conception.



What is The EGOT?

The EGOT stands for Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Awards; they are considered to be the top honors given in their respective entertainment fields. Winning just one can feel like an incredible feat of achievement but to some stars they’re not satisfied with just one prize – they want them all! This ultra-rare award requires a person to have won each of these four major awards as well as having performed works in each category too. That means you need a performing role that’s related to theater (while also achieving other awards within theater) to achieve the full set of accolades.



Winners Of The EGOT

Since its inception in 1953 only 15 people have achieved this accolade; three were award ‘posthumously’ which include Helen Hayes (1945), Rita Moreno (1975) and John Gielgud (2000). Some big names on the list include Whoopi Goldberg (2002), Dame Julie Andrews (2003), Viola Davis (2023) and Mel Brooks who famously said after being awarded his "EGOT" in 2001 "Never give up… never…never." Indeed, he was right! There are still many stars striving for all four individual awards which unfortunately means there is going beating about what it will take for them to get there but one thing is certain: no matter how long it takes we will definitely be glued to our screens when their winner announcement comes!




The EGOT has become synonymous with excellence across entertainment fields providing inspiration and motivation to artists everywhere aspiring towards greatness. As time goes on more individuals are pushing themselves further trying ever harder plays combined with background music or choreography synced perfectly along soundtracks making each original piece into something truly special! While not many have managed such an accomplishment yet there is still hope new artists will come onto scene and break through old boundaries taking us into uncharted territory that we can only dream about today!


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