3 Mistakes Artists Make On Music Ads

Run Ads to Your Music

As an artist, running ads about your music should be a hugely important part of your overall marketing strategy. However, there are some mistakes to watch out for that might not be obvious to you if you're new to the game. Read on for three principles that work across every genre and can quickly get your ads working for you, rather than being a drain on your limited resources.

Wasting Valuable Time 

Let's be real for a minute. Ever since social media took off to such a dramatic extent, people's attention spans have gotten shorter and shorter. So, if you're creating a video to market your new single, every second counts. Many artists waste valuable time by introducing themselves and talking without being intentional about what they are actually saying. Remember, this is an advertisement after all. 

You'd be better off by focusing on creating an attention-grabbing ad headline that'll pull your audience in from the get-go. Trust us, it's the most important thing about your video. And if you're reading this page right now, you know a thing or two about the power of a good headline! Let's get your music noticed, starting with those first 3 seconds.

Assuming People Already Care About Your Music 

This point might sound harsh, but we promise it'll make sense. When you're just starting out, the simple facts are that nobody cares about your music (yet), but that doesn't mean you can't change that. The key is to focus on your audience and what they want. Instead of just promoting your new single with a bland message, think about what problem you can solve for them.

Maybe your music can help them relax, have a better dinner party, or get through a tough breakup. Maybe it's good for studying, or working out. Whatever it is, make it clear how your music can benefit them. Trust us, taking this approach will help you run more cost-effective music ads and ultimately grow your audience. 

Sending Traffic To The Wrong Channels 

Did you know that a lot of artists still haven't figured out how to create an awesome website to help grow their fanbase? It's true. The thing is, having an effective site can help you build your email list and text list, which are both super important for keeping your fans in the loop with what you're up to. If you can't easily collect emails from your fans through an opt-in form, it's time to catch up and give them the opportunity to stay connected with you. Let's make sure your website is working as hard as you do! Squarespace and Wix both offer good starter options, and depending on whether or not you want to buy a domain, you might be able to work it so your website barely costs you anything to maintain. 

A website is especially important these days, seeing as all of the most influential social media channels don't allow you to own the content that you post. They own your content, which leaves you at risk if, for example, Instagram crashes overnight. It sounds crazy, but don't rule it out! You're much better off by making sure that all of the content you promote originally lives on your website, and then you can cross-post it across all of the relevant social media channels. Better safe than sorry. Once your website is in place, you can run ads directing fans to your site, boosting traffic. 

Reaching Out 

If you still need help after reading these tips, don't hesitate to reach out to us! We specialize in all things music marketing, such as playlist pitching, music video advertising, Instagram blog post campaigns, social media influencer marketing... you name it! We are here to make promoting your music and getting your name out there less overwhelming. You've got this! 



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