¿Qué hace a un fanático de la música en 2022?

It’s no secret that times have changed - the music industry is no exception. 

The question everyone is asking is, “What does an artist need to do to get real fans in 2022?”

The answer to this question is not simple and straightforward. It is a loaded answer with various aspects that need to work together so it’s best described by listing them out one by one. 

  1. Good Music

The most important thing to building a music career is good music. Even if you have the best music video, the biggest budget, the best clothes and the best service providers, you still need to have something great when it comes to music. To make the best music possible, try studying some of your favorite artists’ styles. Don’t worry if you don’t feel like you’ve achieved greatness yet - just keep going. 


              2A Solid Brand

Once you have good music, the next step in creating a fan base is creating a solid brand. This means making sure you’re branding across all social media channels, digital streaming providers, and artist profiles all match and are congruent. If you’d like a guide on how to set up your foundation as a musician the right way visit Money4Artists

             3.Worldwide Distribution

Having your music available on the most platforms possible increases your chance of success in building a fan base. That’s why we recommend finding a worldwide distribution partner like Organic Music Distro that doesn’t make you pay extra for distribution in other countries. Sign up today and distribute your music for free (and get 15% off all marketing services, forever)

             4. Trusted Marketing Partners

Once you have the first three steps completed you are ready to leverage marketing to get people’s eyes and ears on your content. The quality of marketing services you purchase will be directly related to the quality and amount of results you see. Some digital music promotions promise thousands of fans for next to nothing. These type of marketing campaigns are usually unreliable and don’t create any lasting results. It’s always best to find a marketing partner you can trust and build with them continuously. If you’re not sure where to start with marketing your career feel free to book a consultation with CodyVanessa or Sophie to get better clarity and direction. 

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