¿Debería contratar una empresa de relaciones públicas de música o dedicarse completamente al bricolaje?

You can record the greatest music ever, but if no one knows about it, does it even matter?


Most experts say no. After all, if no one’s going to listen to your masterpiece, you might as well never produce it. 


That’s why any musician who is serious about their career knows that it’s not all about making good music. It’s equally, if not more, about promoting their music to as wide of an audience as possible. 


Now that we’ve cleared up why music promotion is so important, let’s come back to the topic of this post: which approach works better, hiring a music PR company or going full DIY?


The short answer is that hiring a PR company is typically the much better option because it’s the faster and more surefire way to get coverage for your music.


That being said, PR companies have their own disadvantages and there are some upsides to handling the promotion yourself too. So let’s take a deeper look at the pros and cons of each method.



The Pros and Cons of Going Full DIY


Not having to pay a promo company is the obvious upside of handling all the promotion yourself. But that’s not the only pro. Here are three more:


1.   Keep all the cash: Most PR companies take a percentage cut on top of their upfront fee. 

2.   Keep your rights: Many PR companies only work with musicians who signs over the selling rights to their music.

3.   Make it on your own terms: With no PR company, you will have no one to answer to. Meaning that you get to do everything on your own terms. 


Although those pros seem attractive, the cons outweigh them by a huge margin:


     Pay all the bills: Without a PR company, you will have virtually zero chance of getting a deal that helps you out with all the bills associated with your record release.

     Work without contacts: Do you have contacts in the promotional side of the music industry? If not, you will find it extremely hard to get exposure to a large audience. This is the biggest downside to not having a PR company because they have all the contacts you need. 

     Learn while doing: Unless you’ve already ran a promotional campaign for a record, you will learn on the job.

     Work full-time: Taking care of all the promotional stuff on top of recording music means you will essentially double the amount of work you have to do in a day.



The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Music PR Company


There are two main downsides to hiring a music PR company.


1.   You won’t get to keep all the profits.

2.   You won’t be able to make all the decisions yourself — which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as sometimes it’s best to let the seasoned experts make the right choice for you.


Although those two cons may seem deterrent, the pros more than make up for them:


     Significantly higher chances of success

     More time to focus on your music

     A better release deal that may help you out with the initial bills





Your promotional strategy can make or break your entire career. So if you don’t have the skills to do all the marketing heavy lifting, but also don’t want to deal with the restrictions of working with a PR company, we highly recommend working with an organic music promo company instead. 


This way you won’t be locked into any contracts. You’ll only pay a modest fee for, get this, actual results. For example, you can get your music placed in Spotify playlists with thousands upon thousands of followers. This way a lot of people will organically discover your music when they tune in to their favorite playlist. 


So an organic music promo company is affordable, easy to work with, and pretty much guarantees the best bang for your bucks. As a result, you get to focus only on what you do best: producing great music! 

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