¿Realmente necesitas un sello discográfico en 2022?

The idea of a 'record label' is one that has been around for decades. But does this mean you need to be signed on with an established company in order have your music heard? 

The answer may surprise some people who think they need giant record labels to make their music career successful. With 60,000 songs released on Spotify per day, the music market is more saturated than ever. Does this actually mean that you shouldn't release your music until you have a label partner?

Here at Organic Music Marketing, we believe that artistic expression shouldn't be limited by the number of board room members who agree to release your art. 

So to help artist's release more music faster, more effectively, and affordably - we are proud to announce that we are giving away free distribution to any and all artists who want to distribute their music with their trusted marketing partner.

Organic Music Distro artists will receive a lifetime discount of 15% off on all Organic Music Marketing services. 

Take a look around. It's free. 

Apply, today by visiting www.organicmusicdistro.com 

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