Organic TikTok Campaign
We will hire TikTok Influencers to make posts featuring your song and post it on their largely followed TikTok accounts. TikTok is THE BEST place to promote and market your music. We have helped launch some of the most viral TikTok songs of all time. See examples below:
Sada Baby - Whole Lotta Choppas
K-Camp - Lottery (Renegade)
DMB Gotti - Peter Piper
We offer multiple tiers for TikTok influencer campaigns. See info below:
Tier 1 (Micro) - 80-100+ Videos created to your song - 40,000+ Views Minimum
Tier 2 (Mini) - 150-300+ Videos created to your song - 300,000+ Views Minimum
Tier 3 (Macro) - 500+ Videos Created to your song - 500,000+ Views Minimum
Larger Budgets please contact us and we will assist with content strategy.
Links to each influencer post / stats will be delivered during and at the end of the campaign. 
Your song must already be on TikTok for us to start your campaign.
Please ask if you need help with getting your song distributed to TikTok!