YouTube Playlisting as a digital music promotion technique?

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YouTube Playlisting is a new and effective means of digital music promotions. When you're a part of The Garden (our sweet newsletter) you'll never be left behind when new marketing and promo techniques are being used.


What Is YouTube Playlisting?

We place your song in various YouTube Playlists until its view goal is reached.


YouTube playlists are a great way to discover new music and songs. Most people use them to listen to music and watch new music videos. Getting your music placed on YouTube playlists means that you don't have to follow Google Ads restrictive policies and can still get the same reach and exposure.


Google Ads are typically a bit more targeted as they place your video directly before videos that your potential fans are watching, while playlists are curated by individuals and tend to be a little bit broader in their reach. Regardless, YouTube playlists are just as effective. In fact, getting your exposure through them allows you to display a full range of creativity and not have to worry about potentially being rejected by Google Ads.


This is why Organic Music Marketing is now offering a separate service for those that know they just want to go straight to YouTube playlists.

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