Low budget options!

You guys have been asking us for a while to make our services more accessible and we're pleased to announce we're finally rolling out 2 services under $100!

First off we've got a new test run package for those who may not feel comfortable or confident putting a lot of money into a song they aren't sure will work! 

This is going to let people try out even multiple songs from their project to see which is going to perform the best!

This is still primarily based on the main streaming service but we will continue to work on innovating new methods of song testing and promotion!

Organic Song Test Run

Song Submission & Review

And secondly is the LONG awaited and much requested song submission! This is a paid submission because we want to really give each song our time and attention rather than listen to 5-7 second and skip it.

The songs we like and accept will be given promotion at NO ADDITIONAL COST

And even if not accepted we will still provided detailed feedback on possible improvements and suggestions! Perhaps even discounted promotions! 

We would love to hear your feedback on our new services and let us know what other suggestions you have for us! Take care and keep growing your sound -  OMM Staff

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