7 Ways To Build A Fan Base Without Organic Music Promotions

Music Promotion is only half of the battle. Luckily, Organic Music Marketing has your digital music promotion covered so you only have to focus on the other parts of your brand.


This blog article will cover all of the things that need to be done outside of digital music promotion for your career in music.


To make it big in music, you have to play the long game. As Nipsey said, “…it’s a marathon”. This means thinking about your overall brand over the span of years - not weeks.


To truly become successful in the music industry you need to not only get viewership on your content via YouTube Promotions, Spotify Promotions, YouTube Playlisting, TikTok Influencer Campaigns, and Press Packages — you also need to create superfans.


A super fan is someone who connects and interacts with your brand on a a regular basis. Once you are able to get someones attention, how do you keep it?


Engage – If you get comments from a digital music promotion or posting on socials make sure you interact with them. Reply to your comments, ask questions and connect with your fans outside of music marketing campaigns.


Bonuses - When a fan purchases something, include a bonus. An exclusive listen to a new song, a sticker, or a video shout out to make them feel special is an excellent way to make your fans feel valued and connect.


Community- An excellent way for an artist to solidify their brand outside of music is to become part of their local community. Explore your passions outside of music. Are you passionate about animals? Volunteer at the SPCA or donate your show earnings to a charity. This is often overlooked by smaller artists but a great way to start building public perception of your brand in a discreet way.


Be Open to Feedback - When interacting with fans, pay close attention to what you hear repeatedly. Maybe you’ve been asked to start a Twitch channel or go live on Instagram by your fans. Don’t be afraid to tweak things based on what your fans want. After all, they are the ones driving your career.


Be Present – After performances or appearances, hang out for a bit to take pictures with your fans and have conversations. Although booking shows and digital music promotion is important, nothing is more important than building relationships with your fans. Often times, connecting with your fans in real life solidifies their loyalty and can also create some user generated content for your brand.


Exclusive Releases / Products – Create exclusive access or products for people who have taken a specific action, like sign up for your e-mail list or pre-saved your new release.


Loyalty Rewards – Show love to your most dedicated fans. Invite them to exclusive pre-show hang outs, “meet and greets” or after parties. They could be at anyone’s show but they chose yours. Acknowledge that.


Never neglect the partnership between you and your fans. Take good care of them and you will always have a career in the music business, regardless of trends in music or changes in technology.

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